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Survival- J & JF


Title   Author
Armstrong, William H.   Sounder
Avi   Crispin the Cross of Lead
Bledsoe, Lucy Jane   Tracks in the Snow
Byars, Betsy   Trouble River
Clements, Andrew   A Week in the Woods
Collins, SuzanneĀ    The Hunger Games
Crisp, Marty   White Star, A Dog on the Titanic
DuPrau, Jean   City of Ember
Eckert, Allan   Incident at Hawk's Hill
George, Jean Craighead   Julie of the Wolves
George, Jean Craighead   My Side of the Mountain
Giff, Patricia Reilly   Nory Ryan's Song
Hobbs, Will   Far North
Hobbs, Will   River Thunder
Kehret, Peg   Earthquake Terror
Korman, Gordon   Survival
Korman, Gordon   Shipwreck
Morpurgo, Michael   Kensue's Kingdom
Myers, Edward   Hostage
O'Dell, Scott   Island of the Blue Dolphins
Paulsen, Gary   Hatchet
Paulsen, Gary   Dogsong
Paulsen, Gary   The River
Paulsen, Gary   Voyage of the Frog
Ruckman, Ivy   Night of the Twisters
Sachar, Louis   Holes
Salisbury, Graham   Night of the Howling Dogs
Speare, Elizabeth   Sign of the Beaver
Sperry, Armstrong   Call it Courage
Steig, William   Abel's Island
Taylor, Theodore   The Cay
Thesman, Jean   When the Road Ends
Voight, Cynthia   Homecoming
Wyss, Johann David   Swiss Family Robinson