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Sports- J & JF


Author   Title
Adler, David   Cam Jansen and the Trophy Mystery
Bledsoe, Lucy Jane   Hoop Girlz
Bloor, Edward   Tangerine
Bo, Ben   The Edge
Christopher, Matt   All Titles
Cohen, Barbara   Thank You, Jackie Robinson
Corbett, Sue   Free Baseball
Coy, John   Strong to the Hoop
Creech, Sharon   Heartbeat
Gorman, Carol   Stumptown Kids
Green, Tim   Best of the Best
Green, Tim   Football Genius
Greenberg, Daniel A.   The Great Baseball Card Hunt
Greene, Stephanie   Owen Foote, Soccer Star
Gutman, Dan   Honus and Me: A Baseball Card Adventure
Gutman, Dan   Ray and Me
Gutman, Dan   Satch and Me
Han, David   The Magic Baseball Cap
Hicks, Betty   Scaredy-Cat Catcher
Hicks, Betty   Goal Off Goalie
Hicks, Betty   Track Attack
Hicks, Betty   Swimming with Sharks
Hicks, Betty   Doubles Troubles
Knudson, Mike   Raymond and Graham: Bases Loaded
Lupica, Mike   Heat
Lupica, Mike   The Million Dollar Throw
Lynch, Chris   Gold Dust
MacLachlan, Patricia   Edward's Eyes
Mercado, Nancy   Baseball Crazy: ten short stories that cover all the bases
Montgomery, J.   The Case of the Stinky Socks
Montgomery, R.A.   Always Picked Last
Murdock,Catherine Gilbert   Dairy Queen
Murdock,Catherine Gilbert   The Off Season
Myers, Walter Dean   The Journal of Biddy Owens
Napoli, Donna Jo   Soccer Shock
Nothrup, Michael   Plunked
Otfinoski, Steven   Who Stole Home Plate?
Park, Linda Sue   Keeping Score
Robinson, Sharon   Safe at Home
Simon, Francesca   Horrid Henry and the Soccer Field
Sloate, Alfred   Finding Buck McHenry
Smith, Robert Kimmel   Bobby Baseball
Soto, Gary   Taking Sides
Stine, R.L.   Lose, Team, Lose
Van Draanen, Wendelin   The Running Dream
West, Tracey   Sporty Sprite
Yep, Laurence   Mia