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Historical Fiction-  J & JF


Author Title Time Period
Alcott, Louisa Mae Little Women Civil War
Alphin, Elaine Marie The Ghost Cadet Civil War
American Girl Series Addy Civil War
American Girl Series Felicity Colonial Period
American Girl Series Kirsten Pioneers
American Girl Series Samantha Victorian America
American Girl Series Molly WWII
American Girl Series Elizabeth Colonial Period
American Girl Series Kaya Nez Pearce
American Girl Series Kit Depression
Armstrong, Jennifer Steal Away Late 1800's United States
Auch, Mary Jane Frozen Summer 1800's United States
Auch, Mary Jane Ashes of Roses 1900's United States
Avi Crispin the Cross of Lead 14th Century England
Avi The Barn United States 1800's
Ayers, Katherine North by Night Underground Railroad
Balgassi, Haemi Peacebound Trains 1850's Korea
Blackwood, Gary L. Shakespeare Stealer 1600's London
Blos, Joan A Gathering of Days: an New England Girls Journal 1830's United States
Brink, Carol Ryrie Caddie Woodlawn 1860's United States
Bruchac, Joseph Arrow over the Door 1777 America
Bulla, Clyde Robert A Lion to Guard Us 17th Century London
Burgess, Melvin The Copper Treasure 1600's London
Butler, Virginia Virginia Bound Colonial Period
Carbone, Elisa Stealing Freedom Underground Railroad
Cheaney, J.B. The True Prince 1600's England
Choldenko, Gennifer Al Capone Does My Shirts 1930's United States
Clinton Cathryn A Stone in My Hand Middle East- Late 1980's
Collier, James L. The Clock 1800's  United States
Collier, James L. Bloody Country Middle 1800's United States
Collier, James L. My Brother Sam is Dead American Revolution
Cooney, Caroline Goddess of Yesterday 1334 B.C.
Crisp, Marty Private Captain Gettysburg
Crum, Shutta Spitting Image Late 1960's
Curry, Jane Louise A Stolen Life United States 1700's
Curtis, Christopher Paul Bud, Not Buddy 1930's Michigan
Curtis, Christopher Paul The Watson's Go to Birmingham 1960's United States
Cushman, Karen Matilda Bone 14th Century England
Cushman, Karen The Midwife's Apprentice Medieval England
Cushman, Karen Catherine Called Birdy 13th Century England
Cushman, Karen The Ballad of Lucy Whipple Gold Rush-United States
Dalgliesh, Alice Courage of Sarah Noble 1700's United States
Dear America Series Various
DeFelice, Cynthia Under the Same Sky
DeFelice, Cynthia The Apprenticeship of Lucas Whitaker Mid 1800's United States
DeFelice, Cynthia Under the Same Sky
DeJong, Meinderf The House of Sixty Fathers China 1900's
Denenberg, Barry The Journal of William Thomas Emerson: A Revolutionary War Patriot 1700's Boston
Denzel, Justin Boy of the Painted Cave Prehistoric France
Disher, Garry The Bamboo Flute 1930's Global depression
Dorris, Michael Guests United States 1600's
Downie, Mary Alice Danger in Disguise 1750's France
Drucker, Malka Jacob's Rescue Holocaust
Dubois, Muriel L. Abenaki Captive United States 1700's
Dubois, William The Twenty One Balloons 1800's United States
Durbin, William Wintering Ancient Egypt
Eboch, Chris The Well of Sacrifice Mayan Culture
Ellis, Deborah Mud City Afghanistan
Erdrich, Louise The Birchbark House Native American's-1847
Estes, Eleanor The Moffats 1910 America
Euwer, Virginia Bat 6 Post WWII United States
Field, Rachel Calico Bush United States 1700's
Fleischman, Paul The Borning Room 19th Century United States
Fleischman, Paul Jim Ugly 1890's United States
Fleming, Candace The Hatmaker's Sign Colonial America
Forbes, Esther Johnny Tremain American Revolution
Fox, Paula The Slave Dancer 1800's United States
Frederick, Heather Vogel The Voyage of Patience Goodspeed 1800's United States
Giff, Patricia Reilly Nory Ryan's Song Irish Potato Famine-1800's
Giff, Patricia Reilly Lily's Crossing WWII America
Greene, Bette Summer of My German Soldier WWII America
Gregory, Kristiana Across the Wide and Lonesome Prairie: The Oregon Trail Diary of Hattie Campbell 1800's United States
Gregory, Kristiana Cleopatra VII: Daughter of the Nile Ancient Egypt
Grifalconi, Ann The Village that Vanished
Grove, Vicki The Starplace Segregation 1960's
Hahn, Mary Downing Stepping on the Cracks WWII
Hall, Donald When Willard Met Babe Ruth 1917 America
Hansen, Joyce The Captive 1800's Africa-Slavery
Hesse, Karen Letters from Rifka 1920's Immigration
Hest, Amy When Jessie Came Across the Sea Immigration
Hobbs, Will Down the Yukon 1800's United States
Holm, Jennifer Boston Jane: an adventure Mid 1800's United States
Holm, Jennifer Penny From Heaven Post WWII United States
Holt, Kimberley Dancing in Cadillac Light Late 1960's
Hopkinson, Deborah  Cabin in the Snow 1850's United States
Hopkinson, Deborah  Our Kansas Home Westward Movement 
Horowitz, Anthony The Devil and his Boy Elizabethan England
Hudson,Jan Sweetgrass Canada 1800's
Hunt, Irene Across Five Aprils Civil War
Hurwitz, Johanna Faraway Summer 1910
Ibbotson, Eva Journey to the River Sea 1910 Amazon
Kadohata, Cynthia Kira Kira 1950's America
Karr, Kathleen The Great Turkey Walk 1860's United States
Lasky, Kathryn A Journey to the New World: The Diary of Remember Patience Whipple Mayflower 1620
Lasky, Kathryn Marie Antoinette: Princess of Versailles 1769 France
Lasky, Kathryn Mary Queen of Scots: Queen without a country
Lasky, Kathryn Beyond the Burning Time United States 1600's
Lawrence, Iain The Wreckers 1799 England
Lawson, Robert Ben and Me 1700's United States
Lenski, Lois Strawberry Girl Florida 
Levitin, Sonia Dream Freedom Modern Day Africa Slavery
Levitin, Sonia The No-Return Trail 1800's United States
Lisle, Janet Taylor The Art of Keeping Cool WWII America
Lowry, Lois Number the Stars WWII
MacLachlan, Patricia Sarah, Plain and Tall
McCully, Emily Arnold The Bobbin Girl 1830's New England
McGraw, Eloise Jarvis The Golden Goblet Africa 1800's
Millstead, Thomas Cave of the Moving Shadows Prehistory
Mochizuki, Ken Baseball Saved Us WWII
Monjo, F.N. The Drinking Gourd Underground Railroad
Moss, Marissa Emma's Journal: the Story of a Colonial Girl 1700's United States
O'Dell, Scott Sarah Bishop Revolutionary War United States
O'Dell, Scott Island of the Blue Dolphins
O'Dell, Scott Sing Down the Moon Native American's - 1860's
Osborne, Mary Pope Standing in the Light: The Captive Diary of Catharine Carey Logan 1763 Pennsylvania
Park, Linda Sue A Single Shard 12th Century Korea
Paterson, Katherine Jip: His Story 19th Century United States-Slavery
Paterson, Katherine Lyddie 1840's Vermont
Paterson, Katherine The Master Puppeteer Japan 1700's
Patrick, Denise Lewis The Adventures of the Midnight Son Civil War
Paulsen, Gary Sarny, A Life Remembered Post Civil War
Pryor, Bonnie Thomas in Danger Revolutionary War
Reig, JuneDiary of the Boy King, Tut-Ankh-Amen1334 B.C.
Reiss, Joanna The Upstairs Room WWII
Rinaldi, Ann Mutiny's Daughter 19th Century England
Rinaldi, Ann The Blue Door
Rinaldi, Ann Mine Eyes Have Seen 1859 America
Ryan, Pam Esperanza Rising Great Depression
Snyder, Zilpha Keatley Gib Rides Home 1930's Immigration
Speare, Elizabeth George The Sign of the Beaver
Spinelli, Jerry Milkweed 1940's Holocaust
Vining, Elizabeth Gray Adam of the Road Late 1200's England
Walker, Sally The 18 Penny Goose Late 1780's United States
White, Ruth Belle Prater's Boy 1950's America
White, Ruth Tadpole 1950's America
Wilder, Laura Ingalls Little House on the Prairie (series) Late 1870's United States
Yep, Lawrence Dragonwings 20th Century California
Yolen, Jane The Devil's Arithmetic Holocaust
Yolen, Jane Ballad of the Pirate Queens 1720's