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Graphic Novels J & JF


Author Title
Avengers The Avengers series
Briggs Ug: Boy Genius of the Stone Age
Cibos               Peach Fuzz series (Tokyopop)
Colfer Artemis Fowl
Craddock Stone Rabbit series
Davis    Garfield series
DeCampi Kat & Mouse series
Dixon Hardy Boys series
Duel     Duel Masters: Enter the Battle Zone
Gaiman Coraline
Gaiman The Wolves in the Walls
Gus      Gus Beezer series
Holm    Baby Mouse series
Hulk The Hulk series
Hunter  Warriors series (Tokyopop)
Herge   Adventures of Tin Tin
Indiana Indiana Jones series
Iron      Iron Man series
Jacques Redwall: the graphic novel
Keene  Nancy Drew series
Kibuishi Amulet series
Kibuishi Flight: Explorer
Kidwell The Creature from the Depths
Krosoczka Lunch Lady series
Labatt  A Sam & Friends Mystery
Larson  Chiggers
Lederer            The Adventures of Captain Candy
McLenighan     You Can Go Jump
Mary Jane        Mary Jane series
Proimos            The Many Adventures of Johnny Mutton
Robinson          The 323 Detective Agency
Runton Owly
Sava     Ed’s Terrestrials
Shelley Frankenstein
Shultz   Peanuts series
Smith    Bone series
Spider-Girl Spider-Girl series
Spider-Man      Spider-Man series
Stamaty            Too Many Time Machines
Star      Clone Wars Adventures
Stevenson Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
Stine Goosebumps: Creepy Creatures
Thor     Thor series
Warner Boxcar Children series
Wright Frankie Pickle and the Closet of Doom