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Unattended Child Policy

 It is important that parents understand that the library is a public place, and like many other public places, the safety of your child is a real concern.

Children may use the library independently as long as their behavior is appropriate.  This does not transfer responsibility for the child's safety from the parent to the library staff.  Parents are responsible for their child's behavior, well-being, and whereabouts. 

Parents MUST pay particular attention to children under the age of twelve.  The library considers a child under the age of twelve to be unattended if a parent or caregiver is not in sight of the child. 

From Connecticut General Statutes Sec. 53-21a. Leaving child unsupervised in a place of public accommodation or motor vehicle.

a) Any parent, guardian or person having custody or control, or providing supervision, of any child under the age of twelve years who knowingly leaves such child unsupervised in a place of public accommodation or a motor vehicle for a preiod of time that presents a substantial risk to the child's health or safety, shall be guilty of a class A misdemeanor.

The library does not provide childcare or babysitting service. 

Parents should be aware of library hours and make arrangements to pick up their children before the library closes for the day. 

The library reserves the right to notify police if a child appears to be unattended and parents cannot  be contacted. 

Thank you for your cooperation!  We want the best for you and your child!